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“With our innovative caravanstelling, we are taking storage to the next level”


Your partner in versatile and efficient storage solutions!

Are you looking for a smart and flexible solution to make the most of your storage space? Whether you want to store caravans, folding trailers, boat trailers or other vehicles, you’ve come to the right place at Caravanstelling.nl!

With our special storage rack for caravans, you can store your caravan safely and efficiently. This rack is designed to maximize space and keep your caravan in perfect condition.

Innovative Storage Solutions

Our innovative, patented storage racks take efficiency and flexibility to the next level. Literally! Thanks to the unique, stackable and adjustable design of our racks, you can make the best use of the space available in your storage facility. Where before you could only store on one level, you can now utilize multiple floors.

Stackable racks

Our unique stackable racks allow you to utilize the available height space, significantly increasing your storage capacity.

Our innovative storage racks take efficiency and flexibility to the next level.

Space Optimization

Suppose you have a shed of 80m². With traditional storage methods, it stays at that 80m². But with Caravanstelling.nl’s stackable and customizable solutions, you transform that same space into an efficient storage of up to 240m², simply by stacking up to three high!

Safety, Ease of Use and Flexibility

Our racks are designed with safety, ease of use and flexibility in mind. They are sturdy, stable, easy to assemble and adjustable in width and length. This makes them suitable for a wide range of vehicles, from different types of caravans to folding trailers and boat trailers.

The term ‘patent pending’ indicates that patent protection has been applied for an innovation within a specific product. This means that the developer of the product has already taken steps to protect their invention, although the patent granting process often takes years. As a result, manufacturers can already offer their new products before the patent is officially granted. This notation serves as proof of innovation and shows that a patent application is in progress, but no final patent rights have been obtained.

Patent Pending

Discover Our Innovation with Pending Patent

At caravanstelling.nl, we’re always focused on enhancing your experience. We’re excited that our latest product has achieved ‘patent pending’ status. This signifies that we’ve created something truly unique, so innovative that we’ve applied for a patent.

What does ‘patent pending‘ mean for you? It means you gain access to a brand-new solution for storing your caravan, a solution you won’t find anywhere else. We believe in progress and in providing our customers with the best options available. This product is a testament to that belief.

With ‘patent pending’, we’re showing that we’re not just dreaming about the future; we’re building it. And while we await the official confirmation, you can already enjoy what tomorrow has to offer.

Opt for our latest offering, and be part of the innovation movement at caravanstelling.nl.

Together, we’re setting the new standard for caravan storage.

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